Lana S.

I felt like I had a yellow tinge to my teeth, so I had inquired about it. Lisa, the hygienist, had suggested that I was a good candidate for teeth whitening. So when I come in every six months for my cleaning, they always give me my teeth whitening supplies that I need to get me through to the next visit.

It’s very easy, I just can do it at home before I go to bed at night for an hour or so. I’ve had no problems. I seem to get a lot of compliments from people that I have beautiful teeth, so I chalk a lot of it up to the staff for them helping me.

Even from strangers or people that I don’t know, I’ll be checking out at the grocery store, at the checkout, and they’ll say, “You have a beautiful smile, you have beautiful teeth.” I do comment back to, “Thank God my parents put braces in me at a young age.” Then I’ve always believed in going to the dentist and taking care of your dental hygiene that way; it’s very important to me.

I feel confident in myself and in my smile. When I come in for my appointment here, they’re always on time. I feel like it’s different than when I have a doctor appointment, and it seems like those are always running behind. It’s hard when you leave work to attend an appointment and you’re thinking, “I gotta get back to work, I gotta get going.” But here, I feel like they’re always running on time, they’re never delayed. They do what they need to do, but it’s always in a friendly manner, but they get you in and out in the correct amount of time.

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