Save More Than Money With Our General Dentistry Services In Billings, MT

Personalized care for patients is a top priority at Yellowstone Family Dental. We treat each patient like a family member, which means we put your comfort and health first. And good oral health involves visits to your Billings, MT dentist for general dentistry services.

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We can always get your smile back to top shape if you have a dental emergency, but preventive dentistry is good for more than just your appearance and oral health. It may help with the following:

  • Improve your blood sugar control if you have diabetes.
  • Reduce your chances for coronary artery disease and stroke.
  • Lower your risk for respiratory diseases like pneumonia.
  • Prevent tooth loss due to bone deterioration from osteoporosis.

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Treat and Preview Your Dental Problems

Be sure to visit Yellowstone Family Dental at least every six months for a dental exam and cleaning. Our dental experts will remove plaque with special tools and prevent bacteria from wreaking havoc on your smile. In addition to cleanings, we offer a few preventive options that can guard your grin from damage:

  • Protect your molars from acid and plaque with dental sealants, a protective coating we can paint onto your teeth.
  • Boost your mouth’s natural defenses with fluoride treatments and varnishes.
  • Take advantage of our nutritional counseling to learn how your diet impacts your oral health.
  • Give yourself or your child a custom-made athletic mouthguard to protect teeth, gums, and lips from injury.

Prevent Tooth Loss With Nonsurgical Gum Disease Treatment

If you notice gum disease symptoms, it’s important to treat it as soon as possible. At the first sign of red or swollen gums, give us a call so that we can get you started on a custom plan. And if you find that your gum disease has advanced – your gums are pulling away from your teeth or you notice infected tissue – we offer nonsurgical gum disease treatment in the form of scaling and root planing. This will give your gums a deep clean and smooth out your tooth roots so that bacteria can’t cling to them.

Regular visits to our Billings, MT office will allow us to prevent gum disease and tooth decay from advancing. It can also help protect your health from head to toe. Call Yellowstone Family Dental today at 406-245-7026.

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