Get A Healthier, Happier Smile Now With Same-Day Crowns In Billings, MT

You deserve a smile that looks and feels good. Even one damaged tooth can impact your appearance, your diet, and your self-confidence. But even one appointment at Yellowstone Family Dental can give you the smile of your dreams. Our Billings, MT dentist can give you a dental crown or bridge that provides more than relief from pain. You can:

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  • Enjoy a smile that feels stronger and looks natural.
  • Protect your smile from additional damage to your teeth and gums.
  • Experience an improvement in eating and speaking from added structure to your smile.
  • Feel confident in your enhanced appearance.
  • Rest comfortably knowing your surrounding teeth are no longer at risk of shifting.
  • Get a same-day smile with dental crowns created with cutting-edge CEREC technology.

See how our restorative dentistry options like dental crowns or bridges can give you a better life. Call us at 406-245-7026.

Choose A Billings, MT Dentist Who Offers Same-Day Crowns

Unlike traditional crowns made based on molds of your teeth, dental crowns created with our cutting-edge CEREC technology are crafted based on 3D models generated from digital photos of your mouth. The device then matches your tooth color and shape perfectly and creates a natural-looking crown. Once that’s done, we’ll bond it to your tooth.

And that’s it! Instead of scheduling several appointments and wearing a temporary restoration in between, you can get a brand-new crown that looks and feels like your real tooth in just a few hours. Be sure to visit us for your biannual dental cleanings and exams so that we can keep your crown as clean and beautiful as your natural teeth.

Enjoy A Natural-Looking Smile With Custom-Created Dental Crowns And Bridges

At Yellowstone Family Dental, we combine the latest technology with dental expertise to give you high-quality care. And we listen to your concerns and goals in order to offer personalized solutions without any pressure.

One of the best ways we offer a tailored experience is through our CEREC technology. Crowns created with CEREC are a gorgeous, natural-looking way to cover a damaged tooth or restore a dental implant. And each one is made just for you. We also offer inlays and onlays for teeth that need work but don’t necessarily require a dental crown.

If you have a space in your smile due to missing teeth, we can bridge that gap – literally! Our doctors will construct a dental bridge supported by either neighboring teeth or dental implants. You can choose between two types of dental bridges and dental crowns, as we offer both porcelain and zirconia. Each of these materials is strong, natural-looking, and long-lasting.

Restore your smile with a natural-looking solution from Yellowstone Family Dental. Call us today at 406-245-7026.

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