End Your Oral Pain With Tooth Removal From A Billings, MT Dentist You Can Trust

At Yellowstone Family Dental, you’ll often hear us talk about the importance of preserving your natural tooth. A combination of root canal therapy and a dental crown may allow you to keep your original tooth, which is usually the goal of restorative dentistry from your Billings, MT dentist. But sometimes the best course of action is a tooth extraction. And we will always advise you on what is best for your smile.

Opting for a tooth removal is often the best way to:

  • Create a final solution to dental pain
  • Create a healthy environment for gums and teeth
  • Create space for replacement teeth

Call Yellowstone Family Dental today at 406-245-7026 to schedule your free consultation to see if a tooth removal is right for you. And if you’re experiencing an emergency that could require extractions, call us for a same-day appointment to get you out of pain!

Discover The Benefits Of Tooth Removal

Dental extractions can be helpful and necessary in many situations:

  • If decay or injury has damaged your tooth beyond our ability to preserve it, we may suggest an extraction combined with a tooth replacement.
  • If your smile is under a lot of stress from crowded teeth, the best option aside from orthodontics may be to remove a problematic tooth. This is often why we remove wisdom teeth.

In situations that require artificial replacement teeth, we can place a dental implant and restore your tooth with a dental crown or bridge.

Enjoy Anxiety-Free Tooth Extractions

Although a tooth extraction procedure is routine and we ensure the area is numb before we get to work, you may still have some dental anxiety regarding your tooth removal. We have designed our office to be low-stress, with private operatories and TVs in every room, to minimize your nervousness. If you need more help than that to relax, that’s fine! We have several sedation options that can safely calm your nerves:

  • Inhaled sedation can increase your pain threshold and diminish your worry. We offer complimentary inhaled sedation in every room.
  • Oral sedation, in the form of a pill you’ll take before your appointment, will have a stronger effect than inhaled sedation. You will still be able to respond to your dentist, but you’ll need a friend to take you home.
  • IV sedation is the strongest we offer. You will be unable to remember your appointment and should show no signs of anxiety while here. Some patients even fall asleep!

It’s time to say goodbye to your pain and your problem teeth. Call us at 406-245-7026 for your free tooth extraction consultation at our Billings, MT office.

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