Take Your Whole Family To A Billings, MT Dentist You Can Trust

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your family’s health just to make sure everyone can squeeze in a trip to the dentist. And you shouldn’t have to compromise your busy schedule with trips all over town to different specialists. Give everyone top-notch dental care under one roof by visiting a Billings, MT dentist who offers personalized care to each of you. At Yellowstone Family Dental, we don’t compromise on providing excellence for all ages. From baby teeth to full-mouth reconstructions, we care for it all.

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Convenience isn’t the only benefit to choosing a family dentist in Billings, MT. Your loved ones will have a better experience for many reasons:

  • Enjoy a number of options for each patient at each stage of life. From mouthguards for your athletes to veneers before a wedding, we’ve got you covered.
  • Let your children get used to the office before they start receiving care. Bring your little ones to your appointments so they know they have nothing to fear their first time.
  • Foster rapport between our staff and your family. These healthy relationships will go a long way toward preventing dental anxiety and encouraging healthy habits.
  • Keep clean, consistent dental records by having everyone’s information in the same place. A lifetime of dental care at Yellowstone Family Dental means you won’t have to transfer your family’s dental history from one office to another.

Call us at 406-206-9889 to schedule your family’s appointments.

Prevent Dental Anxiety With Consistent Care

We understand that dental anxiety is a common experience for children and adults. That’s why we’re committed to providing a relaxing environment for every patient of every age. We have private operatories equipped with TVs and Netflix so that you can get comfortable and watch your favorite shows. When necessary, we have several options for dental sedation. And our office has a separate children’s area to make sure your little ones aren’t overwhelmed when they first start visiting.

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Our kid-friendly dental staff will make sure your family feels welcome and happy every time they’re in our Billings, MT dental office. Your kids may even look forward to their biannual cleanings!

Give your family the dental care they deserve in the environment they need. Call Yellowstone Family Dental at 406-206-9889 or contact us online.

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Video: Dr. Chase Pearson Talks About Their Dental Practice as Family Dentistry

Yellowstone Family Dental, from the name itself is a family dentistry practice. And our patients appreciate the family atmosphere of our practice. Aside from that, we also cater kids and provide different comfort options for them. Learn more about our family dentistry - Give your family the dental care they deserve in the environment they need. Call Yellowstone Family Dental at 406-206-9889 or visit --- Dr. Matthew Larsen grew up on a ranch in northern Utah. Prior to dental school, he attended Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. He received his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) from the University of Saskatchewan in 2003. He then began his dental career and continue his practice in Billings, Montana. FOLLOW US: