Find Answers to Your Billings, MT Dental Questions

At Yellowstone Family Dental, our Billings, MT dentists and staff do our best to make our patients feel comfortable about their treatment. Sometimes patients have questions about our dental care or what to expect while in our office. Below we share with you some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you have any other dental questions, please give us a call at 406-206-9889, and we will get you an answer!

Q: I’ve been afraid of dentists my whole life. Do you work with many patients like me?

Yes, we see many patients in your situation, but we have sedation options to help you relax and forget all about dental work – no matter how nervous you are. We offer inhalation sedation (commonly called “laughing gas”), oral sedation with a pill, and even IV sedation for our patients with extreme anxiety. Call us to find out which option would be best for you.

Q: I’ve been told that dental implants might be an option for my missing teeth. What can you tell me about them?

We have several implant options that can replace your teeth and give you back your chewing power and smile. Depending on your situation, we can use implants as a base for a crown (made the same day right here in our office), implant-retained or implant-supported dentures, or a complete arch of teeth with All-on-4®. We can even place mini implants if you’re not a good candidate for traditional implants.

Q: What is the best toothbrush to use?

It is always best to use a soft-bristle toothbrush to avoid harm to sensitive tissues in your mouth. A soft brush will clean your teeth and gums as effectively as a hard brush will. Plus, use the correct size brush – a small-head brush for small mouths and a large-head brush for large mouths.

Call our Billings, MT dentist office today at 406-206-9889 to make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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