Judy H.

I was—fast—going downhill on my partial. I had a partial on the lower and well, they made all the difference. A denture on the bottom doesn’t sit very well, and that’s what I was faced with. A denture, the one on the top, they fit good. They’re more able to make them fit, but this lower one, I was down to two teeth and I knew I was looking at trouble. And he said, “No trouble. We think we can do this, and this,” and they did. Mm-hmm (affirmative). Implants, just two, and it works real well.

Well, there were just certain things. You couldn’t, you know, no longer can you chomp into an apple. Of course, that’s with a denture of any sort, really, I think, but I couldn’t eat any more nuts because it would get under that floating partial and you just had to stop. It hurt. I can eat nuts again all I want and yeah, there’s a little bit that gets under there, but with a partial, that was a thing of the past.

Your own body hurts because it has to heal, but the process of doing it, practically no pain at all. And the assistants: careful, very careful. When you’re in that chair, you can’t tell them very much. You just have to hope that they’re going to be careful, and they were. They’re good, they’ve been good.

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