Jeanette M.

I always smiled a lot, but I didn’t smile with straight teeth. Invisalign’s helped me do that. I kept bugging every dentist I’d ever gone to, “I want straight teeth, I want straight teeth.” Finally, they came out with something that I could do, so I jokingly said to the staff, “Well, I’m going to get in the Guinness World Book of Records because I’m going to be the oldest person that ever did Invisalign.” I just did it for a whole year, and now I feel my smile is well worth my time.

I always smiled. I wasn’t afraid to smile, it was just part of my nature I think, but I became less conscious of it, I guess, especially in pictures and that type of thing. It’s fun to be able to smile. Of course, the whitening didn’t hurt either.

People tend to think I look younger and, I think, healthier. I’ve had a lot of people say, “Where did you get your white teeth?” A lot of them don’t realize that they are my teeth and not some Lumineers or whatever the other processes are that they take or perhaps, even false teeth. It’s nice that they’re my shine white, white, bright teeth. I come to Yellowstone Family Dental because they treat me like family. I feel like I’m part of knowing who they are and they’re very concerned about my life and my health outside of my mouth. It’s just been really great to be associated with them.

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