Bob M.

I had a failure in the top area of the left side of my mouth where I lost a tooth. So we tried to do a bridge, which was terribly uncomfortable to me, or weirdly uncomfortable. Dr. Chase said, “Well, let’s get rid of the bridge and we’ll do an implant up in there.” It feels like my original tooth that’s up in there. They’ve done that. We’ve done several crowns, making up for bad habits when I was a youngster, or maybe just the technology has changed. If we had it back when I was a kid, maybe I wouldn’t have all the problems.

The implant was quite successful. There was no pain whatsoever involved in it. There’s some strange noises from ratchet wrenches putting the screw in there, but it was a fabulous experience. It’s much easier to eat when there’s no holes in your mouth. That was much better with the implant, particularly compared to the bridge, because when I would chew on that side, it would almost feel like a diving board in there: you’d have to really push to get the bridge to quit moving. That part was very good.

Well, when I come to Yellowstone Family Dental, I get greeted with my first name by the office staff. When I’m in the chair with the dentist and his helper, several people come and greet me. When I’m in there, they just are so caring and make you feel welcome.

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