Get A Smile That Looks And Feels Good From Our Billings, MT Dentists

If you need extensive dental work – or suspect that you do – you need a Billings, MT dentist you can trust to give you personalized care with affordable pricing.

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At Yellowstone Family Dental, we’ll give you a free consultation to see what sort of treatment plan will work best for you. And we’re committed to providing care in a judgment-free environment. Our concern isn’t whether or not you’ve been putting off dental care – it’s how we can give you the high-quality care you need now.

Call us at 406-245-7026 to schedule your first appointment.

Choose Comprehensive Dental Care Services You Can Trust

When you need extensive dental work, it can be difficult to see how you’ll get it all done. That’s why we work hard to provide personalized care to each and every patient. We’ll partner with you in discovering exactly what needs to be done and what common dental procedures will best suit you. Then we’ll help you work through them step by step.

  • If you have decayed or damaged teeth, we can repair them with our restorative dentistry services like root canal therapy or dental fillings.
  • If your teeth are missing or need to be extracted, we can safely perform a tooth removal and provide a replacement.
  • If your teeth have suffered surface damage and you would like to beautify them, we provide several cosmetic dentistry options like teeth whitening and dental veneers.
  • If you have problems with your gums, we can provide a nonsurgical gum disease treatment or correct your gummy smile.

Ditch Your Discomfort With Sedation Dentistry

It’s possible that you need extensive dental work because you’ve been avoiding the dentist due to dental anxiety. If so, we understand! Fear of the dentist is common, and we have many patients who share your concern. That’s why we offer several comfort options in each operatory. And if you need a little more help relaxing, we offer three safe dental sedation options.

It’s not too late to get the smile of your dreams. Call Yellowstone Family Dental now at 406-245-7026.

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