Get A Free Second Opinion From A Top-Notch Billings, MT Dentist

For the most part, your visits to a Billings, MT dentist are going to be fairly routine. But you may find that your dentist recommends something more extensive, like a full-mouth reconstruction. Or maybe you discover that some dental work you received was not up your personal standard. In these instances, you can trust Yellowstone Family Dental for a second opinion.

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Our doctors have several decades of combined dental experience and use their expertise to provide judgment-free treatment and advice to patients. You can experience this for yourself with a consultation from Dr. Larsen or one of our other doctors. And don’t worry if your insurance doesn’t cover second opinions – at Yellowstone Family Dental, they’re always free! Call us today at 406-206-9889.

Trust Your Dental Care To The Experts

Not every dental situation calls for an additional evaluation. But some instances may be worth additional consideration from our expert Billings, MT dentists:

  • You were referred to multiple specialists for a procedure and you would prefer to have all of your work done in one office. For example, Dr. Larsen has the special training necessary to complete dental implant placement and restorations.
  • You were told you would not be a good candidate for a particular treatment, such as dental implants. In this situation, All-on-4® implants or mini implants may be good alternatives.
  • You received treatment for a problem and are still experiencing symptoms. An example of this would be a failed root canal. If your tooth is still hurting, you may need an additional procedure to make sure everything was done properly.
  • You have been recommended a procedure you aren’t certain is necessary and would like confirmation. For instance, although we have the skills to remove any tooth if needed, the doctors at Yellowstone Family Dental are committed to doing what we can to preserve your original tooth. A less invasive option could ultimately cost less when you consider the price of the extraction and tooth replacement.

If you need a Billings, MT dentist you can trust to give you a no-pressure consultation, call Yellowstone Family Dental at 406-206-9889.

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