The Lasting Gifts Of Dental Implants [BLOG]

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If you have missing teeth, your holidays are, no doubt, quite a different experience than everyone around you.

You’re limited in so many ways that make it hard to enjoy yourself, and our team at Yellowstone Family Dental knows you deserve better than that!

We provide advanced dental implant solutions in our Billings, MT office so you can receive all the lasting gifts they offer to your health and quality of life.

The Lasting Gifts Of Dental Implants

Here are a few of the special gifts of dental implants that can transform every holiday experience you’ll have from here on out!

*Implants Give You A Better Sensory Experience*

Eating is one of our most basic needs.

But it’s also supposed to be a pleasurable sensory experience, especially during the holidays!

Chewing your food on one side because of missing teeth or a painful dental problem is miserable. So is watching others eat your favorite foods you have to pass on because of loose-fitting dentures.

Even if your dentures stay put while you eat, it still affects your ability to taste your food if your dentures cover your upper palate.

None of this is an issue, though, if you have dental implants securing your replacement teeth.

Implants give you a better sensory experience where you not only eat want you want, but you have the bite strength to chew and taste your food thoroughly.

*Implants Give You A Healthier Mouth*

Once a tooth is lost, so is its root.

With nothing to take the place of your tooth root, your jawbone and gum tissue deteriorate for lack of stimulation, putting all your other teeth at risk of instability one by one.

Dental implants prevent that process from consuming your smile and your oral health overall because it gives you a synthetic tooth root to secure your restoration.

Your new tooth is anchored by the fusion of your dental implant and jawbone, giving you a healthier mouth for a lifetime.

*Implants Give You A Complete, Beautiful Smile*

A toothless smile is not the sort of thing anyone deserves, especially around the holidays.

People are holding up their smartphones and taking snapshots to capture the memories, and you’re running out of ways to hide your smile. It’s hard to relax and enjoy yourself when you’re in social situations like this all season long.

Dental implants and restorations fill the empty spaces in your smile with natural-looking teeth that look all your own. The result is a transformative sense of confidence and the chance to experience the holidays in a new way for the rest of your life.

Schedule A Consultation!

Tooth loss is never more devastating than during the holidays, when everyone around you is enjoying a vastly different experience than you are.

While you stress about hiding your smile from the cameras, passing on your favorite holiday foods, the pain of damaged, loose, or missing teeth, or slippery dentures, your family and friends seem to enjoy it without a care in the world.

This can only make your shame about missing teeth more poignant, which is why you should visit Yellowstone Family Dental for a lasting, life-changing solution.

To find out if dental implants are right for you, call our Billings, MT dental office today at 406-245-7026 or contact us online to request a consultation.

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