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As you head out for summer fun with your family and friends, make sure your smile looks great, you’re eating pain-free, and your dental restorations are in good working order!

If you think it may be time to replace an old dental crown from years past, you’re in luck!

You can do that in our Billings, MT dental office quickly before your summer calendar really fills up.

At Yellowstone Family Dental, we have the kind of technology that allows us to give you high-quality dental crowns in a single visit! We’re talking more about how to spot a failing restoration and how to make your new one last!

Dental Crowns Can Last Years, But Not A Lifetime

A well-made dental crown can usually last around a decade, and possibly a few years longer. The life of a crown will vary from person to person because we all treat our teeth differently.

Taking proper care of your teeth and gums and maintaining your routine dental cleanings and exams will help your dental work last longer.

But, inevitably, a dental crown can weaken over time and need to be replaced with a new one.

Fortunately, at Yellowstone Family Dental, you can do that in just one convenient visit thanks to our CEREC same-day dental crowns!

With this innovative digital technology, we’ll design, craft, and place your new dental crown while you sit in the chair and relax! No more wearing a temporary restoration or waiting a couple of weeks before you come back for a permanent one!

Signs That Your Old Dental Crown Needs Help

How do you know you need a new dental crown?

Here are a few common signs that your old dental crown needs to be replaced:

*An Old Crown Can Fall Out*

It’s not unheard of for a dental restoration to loosen or fall out, either because it’s just old or because of an accident or injury.

When you notice a crown becoming loose, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible so you can avoid pain, discomfort, or worse, facing a dental emergency when it finally breaks under pressure.

*An Old Crown Can Hide New Cavities*

When we place a dental crown, we use a special bonding material that helps it stay firmly in place for many years.

But that doesn’t mean, given enough time, bacteria can’t find ways to get underneath the restoration and cause problems like decay, cavities, and even infections.

*An Old Crown Can Look… Well, Old*

Just like with your natural teeth, a dental crown can start to look old and worn over time.

They can change in shape due to years of pressure from chewing, and they can change in color after years of drinking and eating dark foods and beverages.

After a number of years, your old crown can look… well, old!

Replacing it will not only protect you from problems with your bite, but also preserve the youthful look of your smile.

Tips To Make Your New Dental Crown Last

As we’ve said, dental crowns should last many years.

Here are some things you can do to maintain the longevity of your new dental crown and protect your smile at the same time!

*Maintain Routine Dental Exams*

Make sure you visit us regularly for cleanings and exams so we can monitor the state of your dental crowns and your oral health overall.

*Brush & Floss Daily*

You need to brush twice a day and floss once a day to do your part in preventing dental problems. Keeping your teeth and gums cleaned will also help extend the life of all your dental work.

*Use Teeth For Chewing*

This should go without saying, but we’re often tempted to use our teeth as tools instead of what they’re made for, which is tearing and chewing our food.

Protect your teeth, your smile, and your dental crowns, and use them to eat. Reserve all other tools for everything else!

Schedule An Appointment

You can accomplish several things at once when you replace old, failing restorations.

From improving the look of your smile, to preserving your oral health, to avoiding a summer dental emergency, Dr. Larsen and our team at Yellowstone Family Dental have the tools and technology to replace your old crowns in a single visit!

Call our Billings, MT dental office today at 406-245-7026 or contact us online to request an appointment!


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