Recovering From Oral Surgery Made Easy! [BLOG]

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Oral surgery may sound a little scary, and that’s understandable.

But procedures like tooth extractions, sinus lifts, or bone grafts are safe, simple, and effective at Yellowstone Family Dental.

Our Billings, MT dentist office houses the latest technology to ensure successful treatment, and our dental sedation options ensure your comfort, so you have nothing to worry about when you trust our team!

To make your overall experience more pleasant, you can also count on us to help make your recovery period a little easier and more relaxing!

Recovering From Oral Surgery Made Easy!

You’ll receive instructions from the dentist before your oral surgery. It’s important to read them thoroughly so you have time to contact us with any questions you might have.

Other than that, the recovery period is pretty easy when you keep these tips in mind!

*Keep Swelling Down With Cold Packs*

Stock your freezer with a few cold packs in case you have any post-op pain or swelling. You can also fill prescriptions the dentist writes for you, or grab an over-the-counter pain reliever in case you need it.

*Plan & Prep Your Meals*

Your mouth is going to need some time to heal before you can handle spicy, hard foods. A day or two before your surgery, stock up on bland, soft foods like applesauce, pudding, and yogurt. You can also prep a few comfort meals in advance like hearty soup, broth, or mashed potatoes.

Cooking will be the last thing you’ll want to worry about, and planning ahead will make eating pain-free and convenient.

*Prepare Your Space For R & R*

Depending on your particular procedure, you will probably need a couple of days of rest and relaxation while your mouth heals.

If you’ve been prescribed pain medication, you won’t really be able to do much else either.

So make recovery easier on yourself and set up a cozy station where all your entertainment and comfort needs are within arm’s reach. Make sure you have pillows, blankets, and any electronic devices and chargers in one spot so you don’t have to keep getting up.

Hard as it is sometimes to take it easy, keeping everything close to you during recovery will help you stay relaxed.

Schedule An Appointment

Sure, you can think of better ways to start the new year than having oral surgery, but think about it.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your recovery period cooped up indoors during these cold winter days than miss out on warm, sunny days months from now?

Take advantage of this forced relaxation and let yourself heal with a bowl of soup, a cozy blanket, and some Netflix binging!

Besides, you’ll be on your way to a healthier mouth thanks to your oral surgery at Yellowstone Family Dental, and that’s a great way to start the year!

Call our Billings, MT dental office today at 406-206-9889 or contact us online to schedule your procedure.

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