Protect Your Teeth From Holiday Foods On The Naughty List [BLOG]

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Our team at Yellowstone Family Dental wants to wish you and your family a happy holiday season with lots of healthy smiling!

One of the ways you can protect your smile is to be mindful of the unique challenges to your dental health this time of year.

We’ll talk more about that in today’s blog, and we hope to see you soon after the holidays are over for a dental cleaning and exam in Billings, MT!

Protect Your Teeth From The Naughty List Of Holiday Foods!

It’s a time for celebration, so a few little indulgences here and there during the holidays aren’t going to hurt your smile.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice moderation and caution with foods and drinks that are more naughty for your teeth and gums than nice!

Here are a few holiday treats that made the naughty list this year, and you can decide for yourself how to best protect your smile throughout the festivities:


Don’t go overboard on the eggnog this year!

Like any alcoholic beverages, it’s important to drink responsibly for a host of reasons.

But in regard to your dental health, you don’t want too much holiday drinking to lead to dehydration because your teeth and gums depend on saliva to fight bacteria and shield your mouth from harmful acids.

*Candy Canes*

Instead of chomping on candy canes this year, why not use them to trim the tree or decorate the gingerbread houses your little elves design?

This will help prevent dental damage like chips or cracks on your enamel, as well as injury to your gums.

*Sticky Treats*

Whether it’s a box of chocolates or rows of home-baked goods covering your kitchen countertops, you’ll have a steady stream of treats to delight your sweet tooth.

But beware of caramel, toffee chips, marshmallows, and other sticky candies and desserts if you want to avoid tooth decay. Any of these will stay stuck in the hard-to-reach-places in your mouth and fuel naughty bacteria!


It’s hard to believe fruitcake is still a thing, but if there happen to be any tasty recipes for this dense holiday log, it’s best for your teeth to avoid it.

Fruitcake, like all desserts, contains lots of sugar, as well as sticky candied bits of fruit that wear out their welcome inside your mouth!

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