How To Reduce Your Risk For Oral Cancer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dental cleanings and exams at Yellowstone Family Dental are your best defense against oral health problems. The sooner we can catch problems, the better we can treat them and prevent them from returning. One of the services we provide during your routine visits to our Billings, MT dental office is an oral cancer screening. Since April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, we’re sharing an ...

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Make It A Happy Easter For Your Teeth! [BLOG]

Happy Easter! Your Billings, MT family dentist knows that today you’re likely celebrating the holiday with your family and friends, but we’re still hard at work keeping our patients informed about how to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful! Dr. Larsen and our team at Yellowstone Family Dental are devoting our Easter blog to some of the ways this holiday affects your teeth, gums, and ...

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Why Terra Loves Being Part Of Our Billings, MT Dental Staff [VIDEO]

Earlier this month, we celebrated Dental Assistant Week. We couldn’t be prouder of our incredible staff at Yellowstone Family Dental! That’s why we want to share Terra’s message with you today. Here, she talks about what she finds most rewarding about caring for patients in our Billings, MT dental office. Terra’s passion for helping others is undeniable, and we couldn’t be happier ...

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Reboot Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers [VIDEO]

There’s a lot of positive power that comes from cosmetic dentistry. A straighter, brighter smile from a Billings, MT dentist can give you a jolt of self-confidence that impacts your entire life. And Yellowstone Family Dental offers a variety of methods for whitening your teeth and properly aligning them. But if you don’t want to invest a year in aligners, or you want something that ...

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Don’t Neglect Brushing And Flossing! [VIDEO]

Does your Billings, MT dentist know when you’ve been skimping on brushing and flossing? The short answer is: yes! The longer answer is: yes, and so does your plaque! Keep your plaque from becoming cavities by brushing and flossing, and visiting Yellowstone Family Dental for your biannual dental cleanings and exams. So, why do we care so much about whether you’re flossing and brushing ...

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Don’t Let Diet Derail Professional Teeth Whitening [BLOG]

Your mouth has a complicated relationship with food. On the positive side of things, your mouth helps you enjoy tasty snacks, prepare each bite for digestion, and appreciate the perfect texture of potato chips. But the food you eat doesn’t always play fair when it comes to returning the favor.   The plaque on your teeth – a biofilm containing millions of bacteria – thrives on ...

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Is A Dental Implant Procedure Right For You? [QUIZ]

  When it comes to missing teeth, you have more options than you probably think. Dentures are no longer the only alternative to living with tooth loss. Dental implants from a qualified Billings, MT dentist can give you a smile that looks and feels natural.   And when you choose one of our experts at Yellowstone Family Dental, you can take comfort knowing that you’re being ...

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Give Your Family Dentistry That’s Patient-Focused [BLOG]

You’re uncompromising when it comes to your family’s health. Because you have to be! From your children to your parents, and every age in between, the people you love deserve the best care they can get from a Billings, MT dentist.   But it’s hard, isn’t it? You don’t really have the time to schlep your family all over town from one specialist to another, trying to find each ...

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Welcome To Our New Blog!

Welcome to the new website of Yellowstone Family Dental! We’ve been working hard to make sure that our presence on the web meets the same quality standards we hold for our office. Now you can experience our personalized care from the comfort of your own home. Check in with us to find updates, helpful information, and interesting tidbits. Or call 406-245-7026 now if you have any questions about ...

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4 Problems With Braces You Can Avoid With Invisalign [BLOG]

Braces have their place in orthodontics and are a great solution for more complicated bite problems and issues with the position of teeth, but they’re not right for everyone. Adults especially don’t like the idea of ...

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Enjoy The Smile Benefits Of A Custom Mouthguard [BLOG]

Do you want to keep your teeth strong and healthy for a lifetime? If you’re especially active, or if you have a habit of grinding and clenching your teeth, making that happen is going to take a little extra effort. Well, ...

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