Make Cosmetic Dentistry Your Next Gift! [BLOG]

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Dental flaws are the metaphorical lumps of coal in your holiday stocking.

You do all you can to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

You even try the occasional teeth whitening product from the toothpaste aisle.

But you’re always left with an embarrassing smile full of dental flaws you feel you can’t do anything about.

Time to change that for good by visiting your Billings, MT dentist!

Cosmetic Dentistry Is The Gift You Really Deserve!

We all know what happens to coal under the right conditions, right?

You get a diamond!

The gift you really deserve for the holidays is a beautiful smile that makes you feel proud, happy, and relaxed. Here’s how cosmetic dentistry at Yellowstone Family Dental can give you that:

*Gum Reshaping – To Balance An Uneven Smile*

Don’t let your gums continue to take away from your teeth when you smile!

Move your gumline up to balance out an uneven smile with gum reshaping. Also called gummy smile treatment, we can gently remove extra gum tissue so your teeth aren’t overshadowed anymore!

*Teeth Whitening – To Make Your Smile Sparkle*

Do you drink coffee every morning? How about an occasional glass of red wine?

Do you like to eat blueberries, marinara or soy sauce, or top your salad with balsamic dressing?

You probably have some teeth stains that are too dark or too set in for whitening toothpastes and strips to handle.

Professional teeth whitening is the perfect finishing touch to make your smile sparkle after a cosmetic treatment like gum reshaping or Invisalign, or it can be a great stand-alone treatment to immediately brighten up your smile!

*Veneers – To Conceal Stained, Damaged Teeth*

If you’re embarrassed by discoloration or dark stains on your teeth, by dental damage like cracks and nicks, or by crooked or oddly-shaped teeth, dental veneers are a versatile choice that can overhaul your smile.

Stain-resistant and strong, dental veneers are customized to fit over your unsightly teeth for a smile worthy of the silver screen!

*Tooth Bonding – To Fill The Cracks & Gaps*

Fill small chips, cracks, dents, and gaps with a composite resin that matches the color of your natural teeth. Tooth bonding achieves similar cosmetic corrections as dental veneers, but it’s a reversible, quick, and more affordable treatment option! After the resin is applied, it’s carefully shaped to give you a healthier, brighter smile.

*Invisalign – To Straighten Crooked Teeth*

In about a year from now, you could have straight teeth thanks to Invisalign, a clear aligner therapy that won’t disrupt your lifestyle or appearance!

Take out your aligners for all your holiday meals throughout the year or smile for photos without flashing a dark smile full of dark metal brackets and wires.

Start Now With A Consultation!

You don’t have to wait for someone else to make your holiday wishes come true.

You have the power to get the radiant smile you’ve always wanted with cosmetic dentistry.

Imagine the holiday season a year from now, with you looking and feeling better and more confident about your whiter, healthier, more beautiful smile!

Call Yellowstone Family Dental in Billings, MT today at 406-245-7026 or contact us online to request a cosmetic consultation.

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