Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry About A Root Canal [BLOG]

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We hope today’s blog helps anyone out there who may be in the process of talking themselves out of their root canal procedure.

You know you need to schedule it, or so a dentist told you, but you’re just too worried about how painful it will be and aren’t ready to pick up the phone.

First, know that Yellowstone Family Dental is where you need to go for a root canal performed by highly-qualified, caring professionals.

And second, you’re about to understand why root canals in Billings, MT aren’t the nightmarish dental treatments you may have experienced in the past or conjured in your imagination.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry About A Root Canal

Before you start panicking at the mere thought of a root canal, take a minute to read our four top reasons why you shouldn’t ever worry about this restorative treatment when you come to Yellowstone Family Dental!

*It Will Relieve Your Dental Pain*

It’s not the case 100% of the time, but more than likely, you know you need a root canal because you’ll have a pretty nasty toothache. Many describe it as an intense, almost pulsating pain in your tooth that’s really difficult to manage with OTC medication.

So even though a root canal is probably the most hated phrase a dentist can utter, patients soon learn that the fear of a root canal pales in comparison to the actual pain that warranted the procedure in the first place.

In short, root canals don’t cause the pain.

They end it!

*Root Canals Are Simple These Days*

At Yellowstone Family Dental, root canals have become an easier and more efficient procedure than ever before thanks to our advanced WaveOne system. It’s one of the latest innovations in endodontics that have simplified modern root canals and made the overall procedure faster and more precise and effective.

*It Can Save Your Smile*

You might wonder why a root canal is needed if a dentist can just extract the infected tooth and call it a day!

It may sound like the ideal solution, but it’s not. That’s because the best teeth you will ever have are your own, so pulling them is always a last resort.

You definitely never want to remove a tooth that can be saved with restorative treatment. Root canals actually help us avoid extraction by removing infection, sanitizing the tooth, and protecting it with a dental crown so your oral health and overall health are no longer compromised.

*Modern Root Canals Are Comfortable*

Time and again, patients report that our modern root canal treatment is a painless experience. In fact, many compare it to getting a tooth filling!

That’s because we’ve gone to great lengths to get the training and technology to make our patients as comfortable as possible.

That includes providing dental sedation options to ease your mind and relax your body for a soothing, calming treatment experience.

Make An Appointment

Living with severe dental pain isn’t the only consequence of talking yourself out of a root canal procedure.

It can also mean the underlying cause of the problem will get worse, and even put your life at risk.

The only thing you should worry about when it comes to root canals is not getting one! Put Dr. Larsen and our team in Billings, MT in charge of your procedure, and you’ll know firsthand why this restorative treatment is nothing to fear!

Call Yellowstone Family Dental today at 406-245-7026 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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