Go To The Dentist For Teeth Whitening This Summer [BLOG]

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You have two choices this summer:

  1. Go from one party or special event to another covering your mouth when you speak or laugh, keeping your lips tightly shut when you smile for pictures, and feeling insecure about what would happen if you let your guard down even for a second.
  2. Or, you could hold your head high, laughing and talking with family and friends, and flashing a bright, sparkling smile for photos and videos without a care in the world.

Which sounds more enjoyable?

We already know the answer to that, which is why you should visit Yellowstone Family Dental in Billings, MT for teeth whitening treatment. It’s the perfect smile enhancement for summer, especially since it’s a popular time for socializing! You might be attending:

*A neighborhood barbecue

*A friend or relative’s wedding

*A class reunion

*A bridal or baby shower

*A company picnic

Don’t you want to look young, healthy, and confident? Removing teeth stains is a great way to achieve that, and it’s far more beneficial to skip the store and head right to the dentist office for treatment!

Don’t Leave Your Whiter Teeth Up To Chance

You’ve seen them before. You’re at the drugstore, and you’re strolling through the oral care aisle to restock on toothpaste and mouthwash, when all the teeth whitening treatments catch your eye.

You pass product after product, all promising amazing, instant results on the sparkly packaging.

But do they deliver on those promises? You begin to think it’s worth the time and money to at least try it, but before you do, take some advice from professionals who know what you’re in for!

Teeth Whitening At The Dentist Matters!

Here are two of the biggest problems you could face when trusting a store-bought whitening kit over treatment from a trusted dental professional:

*A Dentist Offers Safe Treatment That Works*

Whitening kits in the store come in all different forms, from bleaching toothpaste to strips to trays and gels.

But they all have one thing in common: weak levels of whitening agents in their ingredients.

That’s understandable considering they’re manufactured for the general consumer and have to be safe. The term ‘safe’ here, however, only means safe as long as it stays in the package!

That’s because even a weak store-brand kit can include confusing instructions, or none at all, as well as strips and trays that don’t fit you perfectly. This puts your gums at risk for damage because even weak gel can do harm when it doesn’t stay on your teeth.

What about effectiveness? Many people make the mistake of overusing these drugstore whitening systems because they don’t get the results they could’ve seen if they’d gone to a dentist office for treatment. Multiple applications can lead to damage to your tooth enamel, as well as increased tooth sensitivity.

*A Dentist Can Customize Your Treatment*

The first advantage to trusting Dr. Larsen and our professionals at Yellowstone Family Dental with your treatment is the power in our whitening gel. We have access to much stronger gels than anything you’ll find in a store.

But even with a higher level of bleaching agents in our system, it’s still safer than store-bought kits.

That’s the second advantage! Our treatment is customized especially for you. We make mouth trays that fit over your teeth so the gels stay where they’re supposed to. Kits from a store are mass-produced, which means it’s not at all uncommon for the gel to seep out and get on your gums. This could irritate or harm them, which would only give you another problem in addition to the teeth stains you’re trying to remove.

When you’re our patient, you have the luxury of taking your prescription-strength whitening treatment home with you, knowing it will work and that it’s safe. Relax on the couch watching your favorite show or lounge by the pool and let our customized system work for your smile!

Schedule Teeth Whitening Now!

You shouldn’t leave your brighter smile up to chance. You never know the product you got from a store is perfectly safe, and we know it’s not going to be as effective.

You need to put your teeth whitening treatment in the hands of our professionals at Yellowstone Family Dental!

To schedule your treatment in our Billings, MT dental office, call us today at 406-245-7026 or contact us online to request an appointment.

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