Get Through Trick-Or-Treating With Healthy Teeth [BLOG]

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As you put the finishing touches on all the costumes for your little ones this Halloween, our team at Yellowstone Family Dental wants to make sure you have the tools you need to protect your family’s teeth!

Get Through Trick-Or-Treating With Healthy Teeth

Keep these pointers in mind while you’re out trick-or-treating with your precious little goblins, princesses, and superheroes!

*Avoiding Dental Injuries*

Halloween night is ripe for dental emergencies.

It has much to do with the fact that lots of families are out and about with their little trick-or-treaters, and there are plenty of opportunities for mishaps that can affect their teeth.

Candy aside, the biggest obstacle is the physical one: walking!

As it gets darker, your kids will need a clear, well-lit path so they can avoid tripping and falling. Carrying a flashlight, along with staying in neighborhoods that have sidewalks and street lights, will help them avoid that hazard.

Another way to avoid dental injury is to make sure their costumes and masks don’t make walking difficult. Tripping over a long costume or because they’re wearing a mask is a quick way to end up at an emergency dental appointment in Billings, MT!

*Avoiding Tooth Decay*

There’s probably no harder time to avoid tooth decay than Halloween!

That’s because of all the candy collected while trick-or-treating… candy that will probably sit on the kitchen counter for a few weeks after the holiday is over!

So which candy is safer for your family’s teeth?

It’s probably easier to talk about the candy you should stay away from, instead. We’re talking about gooey caramel, marshmallow, and taffy, as well as hard candy that you suck on for a long time. Length of exposure is the real danger to your teeth when it comes to sugar.

That’s why these types of treats pose a bigger threat to your family’s smiles. Suckers and sticky substances will wear out their welcome inside your mouth and put you at a higher risk for tooth decay.

*Preventing Cavities*

Preventing cavities starts at home with good oral hygiene. This is something you’ll want to maintain, especially considering the extra sugar you and your family might be consuming because of all the Halloween candy.

Another important step is rinsing your mouth with water after you eat so your mouth stays cleaner between regular brushing and flossing.

But prevention also happens with help from your family dentist in Billings, MT.

We take a proactive approach to dental care at Yellowstone Family Dental.

That means using the latest technology, such as digital X-rays and intraoral cameras, to detect any signs of trouble.

If we see tooth decay, cavities, signs of gum disease, or other dental problems, we’ll treat it right away so your family’s teeth are safe!

*Pay Your Family Dentist A Visit*

Once all is said and done, pay your Billings, MT family dentist a visit so Dr. Larsen and our team can make sure you’re loved ones are still on track for great oral health going into the holiday season!

Call Yellowstone Family Dental today at 406-245-7026 or contact us online to request a consultation.

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