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A fresh, new smile doesn’t always come with an enormous price tag or invasive, painful procedures.

At Yellowstone Family Dental in Billings, MT, we have the tools and the skills to give you a new and improved smile you’ll love thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry!

Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Smile

All you might need to freshen up your smile is a simple cosmetic treatment that won’t require any modification to your teeth themselves.

There are other ways to enhance your smile’s appearance at Yellowstone Family Dental.

*Make Your Teeth Look Healthier By Whitening Them*

Professional teeth whitening is the only way to truly lighten the color and brightness of your smile. Nothing in stores will match the strength and power of our whitening systems, both offered here in our office and as a take-home option for convenience and effectiveness.

Teeth whitening is simple, inexpensive, but it packs a powerful punch in the look of your smile!

*A Modern Way To Get Fresh, Healthy Gums*

The only way to ensure strong, attractive teeth is to first have healthy gums.

For you, that might require gum recession treatment to restore your oral health and preserve your teeth so we can start cosmetic treatment.

If your gums are healthy, though, they can still give you an unsightly smile. That’s because excess tissue can cover too much of a tooth’s crown, making you an adult with teeth that look too small.

We use a diode laser for gum reshaping to painlessly adjust your gumline so your teeth looked more appropriately sized. This is often used first before other cosmetic treatments like whitening or contouring.

*A Fast, Clear Solution For Crooked Teeth*

You’ve gone to the wrong place if you’re told that metal braces are the only way to fix crooked teeth.

Minus any significant bite alignment complications, straightening teeth is faster and more comfortable than that because of clear aligner therapy.

Invisalign and ClearCorrect will straighten your smile just as effectively without all the discomfort and hassle of traditional braces.

You’ll switch out your custom aligners every couple of weeks as the therapy gently shifts your teeth into better position for a beautiful smile!

Ways To Get A New & Improved Smile

Sometimes it takes more than whitening treatment or braces to really make the difference in a person’s smile.

Here, we’re looking at two cosmetic treatments we often use in Billings, MT that may be the secret to your new and improved smile:

*Altering The Shape Of Your Teeth With Contouring*

You can have a healthy smile that’s aesthetically pleasing in nearly every way. But all it takes is one tooth to cast a shadow over would should be a great smile that makes you feel confident.

A tooth that’s longer than the others or has a slightly different shape can be enough to make you feel insecure, but our cosmetic team can fix that!

Gently sculpting a problem tooth can alter it enough to make your smile look even and attractive.

*Dental Veneers Give You A Whole New Look*

You don’t have to live with the constant torment of an embarrassing smile, even if there are multiple issues you wish you didn’t have with your teeth.

To get the kind of smile you want, you might prefer a treatment that will give you a whole new look.

Dental veneers is just that sort of cosmetic treatment because you can fix many flaws and imperfections at once, like:

*Gaps between your teeth

*Teeth that call attention to themselves for their position or shape

*Discoloration and stubborn stains

*Cracked, chipped, and otherwise compromised teeth

With veneers serving as your new, lifelike tooth enamel, you’ll be able to conceal those types of smile flaws and look and feel like a new person.

Schedule A Free Consultation

What you consider a flaw, others might see as beautifully unique.

What you think is attractive may look strange to someone else.

The point is, beauty is how you define it for yourself, which is why our team at Yellowstone Family Dental customizes your cosmetic dentistry treatment plan. Our goal is to make sure you love what you see in the mirror and in photos as you take in your fresh new smile.

For your free consultation, call our Billings, MT dental office today at 406-206-9889 or contact us online.


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