Amanda H.

I had had a tooth pulled and noticed the shifting in the front of my teeth and I mean, that’s the first thing people, you know, when you see somebody, you know just their smile, or whatever, and I didn’t want kind of a messed up smile. They had started doing implants and I’d asked them about them a few times and then kind of decided, “Oh, maybe I’ll wait.” And then finally I was like, “No, I better do it,” because the shifting kept happening. The process was so smooth, I mean, he just—it is a long process to have it done because you have to go through steps to have the rod placed and this and that, but he made it just super easy for me. So then I had another one done.

Dental care, to me, is very important. It’s with my nieces, with anybody you know, if you have any tooth—having a toothache drives me nuts and so if anybody says, “I have this or that,” I’m like, “Go see Dr. Larsen, you know? He’s great and you know, they work with you, as far as your time at work or whatever.” And it just, I mean, my smile is very important to me so I think it should be important to everybody.

Yellowstone Family Dental is amazing. I love everybody that works here. When you come in, they know you by name and they ask you how your family is or what’s new or this and that. I know I’m not the only one that they do that to but they’re just—they’re a very family-oriented business and that, to me, is very important, along with being very professional in what they have to do.

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