Every day when you look in the mirror, the first thing you notice is your crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth. You’d love to have them straightened, but you can’t bear the thought of wearing metal braces for two to three years to do it, and continually having to take time out of your busy schedule to visit the dentist. Thanks to FASTBRACES®, you can now get the results you are looking for in just a fraction of the time, and you can get them right here at Yellowstone Family Dental in Billings, MT.

Orthodontic technology just keeps improving, and Yellowstone Family Dental is thrilled to bring you a revolutionary method to renew your smile with straighter, healthier teeth!  Doctors around the world have been safely straightening teeth faster and at less cost for over 28 years using FASTBRACES®.  Most patients get the results they are looking for in as little as 3-12 months!

Traditional braces take two to three years to straighten teeth, but FASTBRACES® can do it in as little as 3-12 months.  Why are they so much faster?  Because unlike traditional braces, they move both the crown and root of your tooth at the same time.  Since they move your teeth to their final position in the most direct way possible, the FASTBRACES® method saves you months—even years—of time in the process.

Did you know that straight teeth are healthier teeth?  Straight teeth have many advantages over crooked teeth, such as:

  • Fewer areas for bacteria to hide
  • Easier for you and your dentist to keep clean
  • Help with misalignments and issues with your bite
  • Can help prevent TMJ symptoms
  • Reduces the chance of clenching and grinding

And remember, braces aren’t just for kids anymore! FASTBRACES® are ideal for on-the-go adults who don’t want to spend years in braces and countless hours in the dental chair.

In the end, you’ll get your dream smile faster, at almost half the cost, and you’ll also save time by reducing your visits to the dentist for progress checks.  We also offer many easy financing options to make this revolutionary treatment affordable and allow you to spread your payments out over time.  To learn more about FASTBRACES® and what they can do to enhance your smile and improve your confidence, call us today to schedule your FREE consultation!

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